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Yoga - Aerial Silks - Meditation

“This is my home studio. The strong and grounded teachers have held space for me and my growth in a really powerful and meaningful way.”   -Cristina Gonzalez


“Love the gentle, grounded, and knowledgeable teachers. I appreciate that the classes I have taken there are rooted in yoga philosophy and don’t walk that edge of appropriation that turns yoga into just another fitness class.”   -Claire Wilson


“The OmCulture Greenlake staff is always welcoming. The wide array of classes and events I have attended have been facilitated by practitioners who are both professional and supportive, offering a "heartfelt" space to move beyond limitations in my yoga practice.”   -Sharon Truax


“The atmosphere in the lobby and the yoga room is warm and inviting and the teachers are always caring and experienced professionals. I love going there and experiencing many different types of classes.”   -Carolyn Friedkin



Learn the foundations of partner balancing and explore partner assisted inversions in this all levels class taught by Megan Strawn and AJ Rogers at OmCulture Wallingford. Static poses will be linked with simple transitions while allowing participants to develop and improve balance, body awareness, strength, flexibility, and teamwork. Emphasis is placed on communication, safety, and most of all, fun. Open to all levels, including beginners! Stay after the class for an open, all levels jam.
*Please do not wear loose clothing*  *Personal towels and/or mats are mandatory for attending the class and/or jam - please bring your own*


We have added ten aerial silks to our Greenlake studio! We are so excited to share with you the amazing effects of using aerial silks to enhance and build your yoga practice. Join us for an hour of guided aerial yoga in this beginner/all level class. We will start with a gentle floor practice to prepare for the silks. Then enjoy deep spinal openers, inversions, hip openers and much, much more as we take our yoga 'off the mat.' There will be lots of inversion, so please have some experience inverting!


Forrest Yoga, designed by Ana T. Forrest, is a physically strengthening and internally focused practice that is intended to inspire the practitioner to track ones own transformation on and off the mat. This intelligently sequenced practice targets the bodies most structural muscles intentionally to render the student present in their whole being. This practice acts as a path to clear emotional and mental barriers often self imposed, this is done by means of the four pillars of FY - Breath, Strength, Integrity, Spirit. Not required: strength and flexibility; Required: willingness to learn authentically and respond honestly.


Enjoy the benefits of Hatha yoga at a slower, more restorative pace. Great for all levels, those working through injuries, and those just beginning a physical exercise routine.

Develop balance, strength, flexibility, and breath control in held postures with this alignment-based class. Teaching styles vary. Visit our Yoga Teachers Page to find the right teacher for you.


Find balance between effort and relaxation in a class that combines the strength of held postures and the serenity of breath-directed movement. Classes are based around the the fluid movements of the sun salutation and other breath-directed movements.



Hatha Self Care is a class designed to apply yoga movements, postures and principles to the practice of self-care. Much of our practice will involve deep release of muscles and joints through both active and passive postures. Classes may include use of props, overhead and side bars and sometimes aerial silks.


Kundalini yoga is called the yoga of awareness. It is a dynamic, powerful tool that is designed to give you an experience of your soul. An uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practices, Kundalini yoga incorporates movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and the chanting of mantras. The goal of this practice is to build physical vitality and increase consciousness. Kundalini yoga is a practical tool for everyday people. It is not posture based; therefore, it’s accessible to everyone, regardless of age, gender, or body type. It’s powerful, efficient, and effective. It gives people the experience of connecting with their personal power, of having a clear mind and a wholeness of being.


Develop balance, strength, flexibility, and breath control with the help of aerial silks, overhead & side bars, rollers, bolsters & balls. In this level 2 class the work will be slow and deep and founded in Michael’s 25 years of experience using these tools to care for his body with yoga off the mat. This class will occasionally move outdoors to Greenlake when the weather allows.


Restorative Yoga is a practice that allows you to relax deeply with awareness. Comprising of only 7-8 poses you are supported by props to allow for complete relaxation in each pose.  A deeply nourishing practice, Restorative Yoga is known to induce the parasympathetic nervous system. It is in this state that the body's systems - such as digestion, immune, sleep - wake cycle and endocrine system - function optimally, bringing a state of inner balance and harmony to the body and mind. Come enjoy this calming, healing time, and release the buildup of stress and anxiety of your busy life.


Slow Flow is a full and well-rounded yoga practice. In this class we practice Sun Salutations, Standing and Balancing postures, as well as an array of gentle back bends, hip openers and twists. We move slowly, meditatively and intentionally, ending with a 10 minute yoga nidra. This class is a great way to unwind physically and mentally.


Come deepen your awareness & sensitivity with certified AcroYoga Instructor Loc Le as we explore Therapeutic AcroYoga using gravity and healing touch. In this class, we will explore the watery side of AcroYoga by softening our touch & surrendering. We will begin with an opening circle to ground ourselves and connect with each other. Following opening circle, we will play a game that invites listening, trust, and connection. For the remainder of the class, we'll explore basic forward & backward flying therapeutics and end with a closing circle. Everyone will have an opportunity to give & receive, base & fly, inhale & exhale. No partner is necessary as we will work in groups of 3 to ensure safety. This class is suitable for all experience levels.


Let your mind go in this high energy flow class. A challenging, heat-building practice focused on continual, fluid movement. A fundamental understanding of sun salutations, postures, and breath technique is recommended.

Yoga Class Levels


Appropriate for those with little or no yoga experience. Build on and review basic postures and breath techniques learned in the Intro Series.


Intermediate to advanced students. A solid understanding of basic postures, breath techniques and sun salutations recommended.


Everyone welcome! Teachers will provide modifications and variations to deepen poses so that you can adjust the practice to suit your needs.

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