"Definitely my favorite place to dance & play with the most open, loving people I've ever been a part of. There's no place like Om."    -Aurora Sosa

OmCulture is always searching for the best ways to bring interesting, informative, and fun workshops to Wallingford and Greenlake. We educate our community on health, yoga, meditation, and all other wellness practices, as well as offer enjoyable and engaging events. Have a workshop or event idea you want to see happen at one of our studios? Email us at or drop by a studio and tell us in person.

We require a minimum of 6 registrations per workshop, 5 days in advance, to follow through with running the workshop. If we have less than 6, the workshop will be cancelled and refunds given.

Cancellation Policy: Those who pre-register for a workshop and cancel up to 3 days ahead of time will receive a credit to their account in the purchase amount. Those who cancel less than 3 days before the workshop, will not receive a refund. We will only provide refunds to the cards used for purchase in the event that the studio cancels the workshop due to unforeseen circumstances or if less than 6 people are pre-registered.

The Art of the Practice: Wim Hof Method

with Matt Soule

5 Week Series, starting January 12

Sundays, 12.00-1.15pm

Greenlake Studio

$299 for 5 Classes; $425 for 10 Classes

This all-levels workshop will meet you where you are in your training, whether a beginner or current practitioner of the Wim Hof Method, and guide you to progress in your training. 

Over the course of 5 weeks of training, participants learn, develop and dive deeper into the 3 pillars of the Wim Hof Method: breathing, mindset/focus, and gradual exposure to the cold.  Practitioners will learn and practice keys ways these 3 elements integrate to allow  greater control over bodies and minds.

You will:

  • Learn proper breathing technique for the WHM and specific applications

  • Understand how to harness the nervous system for optimized health, recovery, performance and expression

  • Cultivate a practice and understand both when & how to level up in your training to go deeper for maximal results

  • Learn to direct your consciousness, engage your breath and confront the unknown with confidence

  • Learn concrete exercises that allow you to bravely take steps to unlock deep reservoirs of potential

Be prepared to:

  • Set clear goals

  • Build beneficial habits

  • Learn the science behind your efforts

  • Unfold the art of a lifelong practice

  • End with a selected challenge to reveal your progress!

Deep Healing: Sound Bath, Yin Yoga & Energy Work

with Jodi Boone, Jen Cerulli, Liz Durkin, Adrienne Reed, & Heather Danso

Saturday, January 25

7.30 - 9.30pm

Greenlake Studio

$45, pre-registration recommended!

Deep Healing is an evening of hands-on energy healing and sound healing. Liz will play the crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, as well as chimes, while Jodi guides you through a relaxing restorative yoga practice. Adrienne, Jen, Heather, and Jodi will give hands-on energy healing to each person individually, while you are relaxing in your restorative posture. You'll feel nurtured, rested and light mentally and physically by the end of the evening.


Reiki Restorative Yoga and Tibetan Sound Bath

with Michelle Brewer

Sunday, January 26

7.00 - 9.00pm

Greenlake Studio

$35, pre-registration recommended!

Reiki Restorative Yoga and Sound Healing: Raising the Collective Vibration


Join Michelle Brewer, RYT instructor and Healer, and Maria Munoz, Sound Bowl Healer and Intuitive Coach, for this special heart-centered practice to call forth integrity, intentions and transformation in the Age of Aquarius.


This workshop is part of a weekend series of events, sponsored by the Heartfull World Foundation, honoring the rich lineage of yoga. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the foundation.

Family Dance Party & Potluck

Friday, February 7

6.00 - 10.30pm

Wallingford Studio


Individual $10

Family of 2-3 $20

Family of 4 $25

Family of 5 or more $30

What better way to warm up the winter than with a family dance party?!

OmCulture has graciously partnered with us to offer an opportunity to gather families together for a night of food, dancing, and merriment.


How it all works:

  • Potluck dinner! Everyone brings food to share with other families. We will provide plates, napkins, cups, etc. Please also bring drinks to share (both non-alcoholic and drinks of the adult variety welcome)--we will have coolers and ice available.

  • Dance party in a beautiful space! We will create a playlist for the evening (please send song requests--we are happy to include something for everyone). Dancing is awesome!

Chakra Healing & Yoga

with Jodi Boone

Saturday, February 8

3.30 - 5.30pm

Greenlake Studio

$45 pre-registration, $50 day-of

Join Jodi for a journey through the Chakras. Through asana, breath work, visualization and chanting, we will connect with these powerful energy centers. In the same way that yoga nourishes the physical body, it also nourishes the energy body. Balancing the Chakras brings a sense of groundedness, emotional intelligence, courage, openness, connection to our truth and our deep intuition, as well as allows us to reach higher states of consciousness and awareness.


*This workshop is not appropriate for pregnant women. Many of the postures and breathing techniques we will practice are considered contraindicated during pregnancy.*

Breath Medicine Ceremony

with Ivo Grossi & Cosetta Romani

Saturday, February 8

6.30 - 9.00pm

Wallingford Studio

$50 pre-registration; $60 day-of

10 discounted tickets available for those with special financial needs.  Contact us directly for more information:

A powerful ceremony that weaves together breath-work, shamanic medicine songs, guided meditations, and chakra alignment to create a safe, sacred and profound healing experience. An expanded state of consciousness and deep, inner peace is achieved through an alchemical process of purification and restoration of our physical, energetic, mental, and spiritual bodies.


This workshop has grown out of Ivo and Cosetta’s combined 40 years of yoga, shamanic and meditation training, study and sharing, and represents the alchemy of their lives thus far as lovers, teachers, and medicine people.


NOTE: Doors open at 6 pm. Please arrive early to settle into your spot. Bring a mat/blanket, eye covering, thin pillow, and water bottle. Doors close once the ceremony begins. Plan to avoid eating for at least three hours before the session. Open to all, but not recommended during pregnancy. 10 tickets available at discounted price for those who require financial assistance.

Painted Love

with Natalie Doud

Sunday, February 9

2.00 - 5.00pm

Greenlake Studio

Pre-registration $75 (11x14 canvas and painting supplies included)
Bring a +1 for only $50 more 
Day of drop in: $85

In this 3 hour workshop, we will focus on abstract painting in a heart-forward way. Leading with love, this workshop will help to transmute feelings of love in whatever form we feel it into beautiful art.


Natalie will take us through a meditative journey exploring the way that our hearts can lead and inspire the artistic process. We will discuss visual metaphors that can help depict feelings of love such as cardiac magnetospheres, chakras, energetic toruses and force fields.


Natalie's artistic pursuits focus on the concept of flow, nature, identity and human interconnection. Natalie’s work explores themes of interpersonal energy, cardiac magnetospheres, anatomy and inner-space.

2:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Blank Slate: Introduction and meditative journey

2:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Step into the flow: Optional inhalation, Intuitive painting with personalized instruction

3:00 PM - 3:15 PM
Bio break for stretching, hydration and inhalation

3:30 PM - 5:00 PM
Conceptual Q&A and Intuitive painting with personalized instruction

Goddess Series: February

with Yvette Sanchez

Sunday, February 9

7.00 - 9.00pm

Greenlake Studio

$35 pre-registration, $40 day-of

Join Yvette Sanchez this fall for a series of four workshops, filled with yoga, chanting, pranayama, and exploring the essence of the Goddesses of Hindu Mythology. Each workshop is planned around the full moon, which gives us the opportunity to reflect and manifest. Through storytelling, movement and journaling we can embody the energies of these goddesses, creating space for that which we wish to manifest.


Students can expect Goddess-inspired mantra, mudra, pranayama, movement, and restorative savasana with hands-on adjustments that includes essential oils and journaling prompts.


February: Full moon in Leo, Goddess Saraswati

Ajna chakra focus (create intention) 


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