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Vedic Thai Yoga stimulates and balances the flow of energy within the body. It creates a surrendering release allowing for deeper and deeper physical, energetic and mental openings. It also provides a state of profound rest that can permeate every cell of the body. This work is known to manifest instant positive results, and truly integrate and balance the body, mind and spirit.

Benefits of Vedic Thai Yoga Therapy

-Integration of body, mind & spirit
-Changes in cellular memory
-Liberation of emotional and physical congestions
-Opening of chakra, marma and nadi systems

Vedic Thai Yoga Therapy

with Kristin Reed

*Try your first 90 minute

session for only $90*​


90 minutes = $115 - 135

120 minutes = $165 - 175

**5 and 10 session packages

also available**


By appointment only





Find more information or schedule an appointment on Kristin's website

-Development of physical and emotional fluidity
-Removal metabolic crystallizations
-Activation of dormant reservoirs of vitality

Kristin Reed is an E-RYT and her background is in movement. She is now a registered yoga teacher, and has been teaching since completing Sunstone Yoga Academy's 500hr program in 2009. In 2013 she discovered her second passion, yoga therapy, and began her studies in Vedic Thai Yoga. Her teachers in this art include Mary Elizabeth SheehanMukti Michael Buck of The Vedic Conservatory, and she is currently studying traditional Thai medical theory and bodywork with Nephyr Jacobsen at the Naga Center in Portland.  
As a dancer and yogi, Kristin knows how important it is to move freely and to your fullest potential. She knows how frustrating it can be to come up against limitations and impediments in your progress that hold you back from peak performance. Her goal through yoga therapy is to help you feel the best that you can in your body every day, so that you can do what you love most: MOVE!

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