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It's with a heavy heart that we share a very difficult decision & time sensitive update.


Up until this point, we have allowed our community to make their own decisions as to whether or not they will visit our spaces and participate in our yoga classes, workshops, dances and kids programming.  


We have been acting cautiously and out of love, not fear.  At this time, we feel the most loving and intelligent way to care for our extended community is to take action by temporarily suspending our in person business activity.


We have decided to put all programming at both OmCulture locations on pause as of Sunday 3/15/20.


We are working with our wonderful yoga teachers, dance DJs and facilitators to create virtual opportunities for movement, dance, and yoga so we can still serve the physical and mental wellbeing of our community.  Stay tuned for updates and opportunities to pre-register for live stream yoga classes and more.


Download the OmCulture Mindbody app and ‘’ so you’ll be able to easily take advantage of our virtual classes.  Please also be sure to update your email address in your mindbody account so we can send you further updates and links to join online virtual classes.


Please take excellent care of yourselves, your families & loved ones.  If your immune system is strong, you can survive even if/when infected.


We will close for now & patiently await further updates on the severity of the pandemic in WA state & worldwide.


To support us during this difficult time so we can reopen our doors when we are on the other side of this, please consider purchasing class passes, donating via PayPal (, Venmo (@OmCulture) and continuing with your auto pay memberships.

Coronavirus Policy

The CDC and Washington State Department of Health provide helpful guidelines for how to take care of ourselves during this situation. The first lines of defense are good hygiene, education and self-care.


Take care of yourself:

Be proactive so you can stay strong and healthy.

The virus can infect anyone, especially immune compromised individuals.

While most people will only experience little to mild symptoms, they can still spread the virus.


Eat a well balanced diet

Get a good amount of sleep

Reduce stress

Drink plenty of liquids

Avoid excess sugar/caffeine

Take extra vitamin C


Know the symptoms:

While most patients with COVID-19 have had mild symptoms, infection can lead to severe respiratory illness.  

Symptoms may include:

Headache, Cough, Sore throat, Fever, a general feeling of being unwell.


It takes 2 to 14 days after a person gets the virus in their body to become ill, however there are reports of individuals shedding the virus despite showing no symptoms.  Hand washing, avoiding physical contact (not just with sick individuals), and cough etiquette are going to be the biggest tools to slow the spread of COVID-19. 


Learn more about the virus with the CDC link below.

What you can do:

Continue to act out of love and not fear (Stress will only serve to lower your immune system!)

Please stay home if you are not feeling well or want to reduce your risk


Keep Calm and Wash your hands- well and frequently for at least 20 seconds!

Drying your hands completely is an often overlooked and important step.

Refrain from touching your face/eyes/nose/mouth without a tissue or immediate hand washing afterwards. 

Cover your cough or sneeze with tissue, discard immediately, then wash your hands!

Use your best 'namaste' hands, a bow and a smile to greet friends instead of handshakes and hugs.  They'll understand you are acting out of love and care.


Already know how to wash your hands well? Even if you think you do, set your ego aside and take 30 seconds to watch this video of how to properly wash and dry & help us spread the knowledge!

OmCulture runs on connection. We are monitoring the situation closely and will provide further updates as needed.

We can all work together to stay healthy and happy.  

Our top three OmCulture rules still ring true: 



with lots of love and care,


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