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Welcome to our Team Spiritual Blacksmith!

Welcome to our team, Udoka Nwanna, aka Spiritual Blacksmith!

Starting next week, we are introducing a new class time and a new teacher! For those interested in a later and slower start to your Friday mornings, please join Udoka Nwanna aka Spiritual Blacksmith for a weekly Slow Flow class with savasana meditation from 10:30-11:30am. I was introduced to Udoka through Michael's daughter Michelle Ferris, who runs Crystallography Gems. You may remember the beautiful inventory of crystals that once filled our yoga studio lobby! Michelle is connected to many local healers and highly recommended Udoka's yoga classes.

Udoka's classes have left me in a true state of bliss and I'm so excited to introduce you to her beautiful energy. Udoka's Slow Flow class with savasana meditation, will be a blend of gentle flowing vinyasa and restorative yoga to ease your body, mind and spirit. Feel free to use props such as bolsters, blocks or blankets to aid you in releasing and relaxing into postures that support your body. She will move your body slowly and skillfully to a beautiful soundtrack of music and every class will end with an extended savasana. Practice with her in her very first OmCulture class next Friday, September 4th from 10:30-11:30am and read more about her below.

Udoka, aka Spiritual Blacksmith is a former litigator and law professor but is now a full-time yoga teacher and Intuitive Life Coach. As a psychic medium, certified reiki practitioner, certified ThetaHealer, and medical intuitive, she uses her gifts to work with a wide range of clients (including professionals seeking to transition from the grind of practice or simply find the happiness within their practice), both on and off the mat, to help them build the life that they truly desire from a spiritual, emotional and physical standpoint.

She also holds speaking engagements, hosts monthly workshops and teaches classes to aid people in standing more in their physical, personal and spiritual power and stepping fully into their spiritual gifts. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, golfing, teaching art to elementary school children and volunteering at a local children’s hospital.

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