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Today's Special

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Dearest Community, It's so nice to see you all on the screen, but oh how I miss gathering with you in the same space! I've been visiting our yoga studio one or two times per week to pick up the mail and keep an eye on the space since we made the decision not to board up the windows. Most days I keep an emotional distance and notice a sense of discomfort being there without all of you. I moved the plants weeks ago so I could care for them and enjoy their company at home. Today, I felt called to spend some time in our studio with the beautiful crystals and do my best to be fully present. I walked through the studio burning sage to clear the energy and sat to meditate on the floor of the lobby. I pictured all of your beautiful smiles and remembered how we all used to fill the space with our collective energy. Michael also spent some time at the studio and picked up the one remaining book on the coffee table titled The Poetry of Yoga: A Contemporary Anthology. He flipped it open and happened to land on a poem written by our dear friend, Cosetta Romani. Cosetta is the goddess who leads our Breath Medicine Ceremonies with her partner Ivo Grossi. She is one of the brightest lights I know and always reminds me that if we create enough space, we can hold everything. There are certainly burdens to be carried with strength during this challenging time including some 'on the menu' below. Michael felt that this poem could have just been written this morning as a reflection of the current times. Enjoy Cosetta's poignant poem below.

Today's Special MENU: Down economies Wars and Recessions Environmental disasters Global injustice Uncertain future Human minds busier Preoccupied with Devastation or Preservation Nonetheless Today's special is: An unblemished sky Hosting a golden light ball of Rounded perfection Its stillness a Dynamic reflection Served on a dancing ocean Waves born and die Piano, crescendo, forte Crushing refrains of water Meeting the earth. ~Cosetta Romani

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