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"RESET" Movement Tools for Nervous System Health class with David Gallina is now available!

I'm so excited to share this direct link to a set of invaluable tools with you! Some of you attended David Gallina's workshop this past Sunday and learned movement tools and practices to help regulate and relax your nervous system during these extra stressful times. Thank you to everyone who attended and donated in exchange for the knowledge! I learned so much from David and have been using many of his quick yet effective tools daily to help unwind and steady my nervous system so I can feel more focused, peaceful, and at ease in my body. David is a member of our ecstatic dance community and shared 50% of donations received from his 'reset' workshop with OmCulture to acknowledge how much he appreciates the ways the OmCulture community has supported him. We are so grateful for this mutually beneficial relationship. David always goes above and beyond to care for our community. He took the time and effort to make a film of everything he shared in his live online workshop in case you missed it or want to revisit what he shared. He has also provided a table of contents with time markers so you can easily jump to the segments you want to review. I've included the table of contents below but you can also email David for a pdf of the notes, slides and additional resources that accompany his workshop. All David asks is that you continue to support him with donations in exchange for the powerful tools he is sharing. David will continue to share 50% of these donations with OmCulture to support our community. Thank you, David, for sharing these life changing tools and for your financial support! This is a sliding scale, donation-based workshop. Recommended donation is $25-$45 that can be sent via Venmo (@david-gallina) or PayPal (

Reset: Movement Tools For Nervous System Health For those who attended live, David did not use the live recording. He re-recorded the whole thing and it’s more streamlined and organized now, too. The notes follow the exact order of the workshop and table of contents that are time stamped below.

DONATION INFORMATION: This is a sliding scale, donation-based workshop. Recommended donation is $25-$45 that can be sent via Venmo (@david-gallina) or PayPal ( David believes in universal access to this material, and he put a ton of time into this and hasn’t been able to teach during quarantine-so the support is appreciated!! All donations are split 50/50 with OmCulture.

Thanks again for your interest, support, and donations! Please feel free to share - He’ll make it publicly searchable on YouTube in the next week or two. He's keeping it semi-private for now to encourage donations. To reach David with questions, feedback, or for coaching: Website:

Link to Video of David's Class


RESET: Table of Contents 1) first set of tools: turning it DOWN: Calming down an activated/stressed nervous system

* “In-In-Out” breath paired with a sigh/hum 3:06 * Soft Gaze to the Distance (vs focused vision) 6:39 * 20-20-20 Rule, “Palming” 8:27 * Pelvic Floor Relaxation 10:38 2) second set of tools: turning it UP 12:50 Physiological State Changes for when you feel frozen/stuck/tired/unfocused * Doing Something PHYSICAL: Use of Big Muscles 14:00 * Shaking and Grounding w/ heel drops 20:33 * Embodied Gratitude 25:55 * Releasing Arm Tension: “Jackson Pollack” flicking paint 29:00 * “Self-EMDR” Hypnosis Technique: moving eyes back and forth in lateral eye fields w/ humming 32:24 3) third set of tools: daily practices 35:47 * Spine movement: Seated routine w/ In-In-Out Breath 36:00 * Dynamic Stretching, Trampoline, Soft Dynamic Elasticity 41:07 * Specifically for anti-sitting posture: hip flexors, pecs, hamstrings * Releasing Tension Practices above (shaking/grounding, Jackson Pollack) 4) fourth set of tools: brain-based warm-up 48:02 * Facial Muscles & Jaw Tension Release

* Eyes- light, saccades, relaxation 50:55

* Vagus nerve access via palate mm, larynx 52:15

* Tactile Stimulation 54:23

* Vestibular System: Gaze Fixation & Balance 55:25

* Lungs and Diaphragm 57:24 5) fifth set of tools: advanced ideas 59:20 * Putting on 1-3 songs to explore the following scores (think of it movement research or dance… whichever works for you). For the elements listed below each name, I tend to both cycle thru, 1-2 at a time, or try to layer all elements at the same time

* “Nervous System Optimization Exercise” 59:47 * Elements: Spine movement, light in the feet, shake/bounce, drop the arms, take up space, connect to the breath* “Cultivating the Stretch Instinct” 1:02:44

* Elements: Follow what feels good, inhale-find any position + add tension, exhale-release tension + let body melt towards neutral. Movement PMR. * “Wall Research” 1:04:15 * Elements: weight supported against wall, push-ups, hand(s) on floor * “Edge of Balance” 1:05:45 * Elements: Any position, hands or feet, just go explore the edge of balance Q&A 1:07:18 * Neuroplasticity, Learning, Safety, Comfort Zones 1:08:00 Sleep 1:13:40 * Dopamine Regulation and “On-Ramping” 1:14:50 * Leveraging Mirror Neurons to combat social isolation 1:18:42 * Embodied Cognition Theory 1:20:50 * Curiosity vs Trauma 1:22:38 Shout-out to The Holistic Psychologist on Instagram/Youtube

* Vestibular atrophy, balance, emotions, limbic system connections 1:25:50 * Movement perspective vs Fitness perspective 1:27:50 * Top-Down vs Bottom-Up Tools 1:28:54 * Inside-Out vs Outside-In Tools* Micro-Recoveries and Sitting Breaks 1:29:43 * Limbic System Therapies: * Neurotransmitter Opposing Systems & The Meaning of Life 1:32:17

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