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Inspiration Stemming from Action

Today I'd like to share a bit of inspiration stemming from action. Some of you may remember Mysti Green who was teaching in our studio on Saturday mornings earlier this year and filling in as a substitute teacher here and there. Mysti has been spending her days with her family in California and decided to dive in and help her brother in a wonderful act of service. I am loving all of the beauty pouring forth during this global sacred pause in the form of art and poetry and song, but am especially inspired by those who are choosing to create tangible acts of kindness with the work they are pouring their energy into every day. Mysti's brother, Micah, started a program in September 2019 to help feed the hungry in and around Redding California. The program, called Redding War Chest, emphasizes the war on hunger. The Chest represents the treasury of food. War Chest is focused on feeding low income people in need, homeless, children (from specific schools in their local area), and churches. They collaborate with many non-profit and community outreach groups, including Shasta Youth Alliance and are also working with Feed America to support in food assistance. Enjoy some photos of Mysti and her brother in action and a quote from Mysti below. Thank you, Mysti, for sharing how you are choosing to support others during this challenging time! “I have been volunteering since March at the War Chest organizing and distributing food to hundreds of people. Now more than ever, it is important that we find compassion in our hearts to assist others less fortunate than us. I am a firm believer in creating the reality I wish to live in and in my world, no one is hungry, especially children.” ~Mysti Green

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