'If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.'

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

An invitation to explore a deeper space at the end of your practice.

My little bit of inspiration today (above) comes from the artist known as 'Banksy.' Banksy is a British graffiti artist known for his antiauthoritarian art, often done in public places. A lot of his pieces are well known because they are very controversial, but the piece above speaks to all of us in a gentle and kind way. I often find myself equating rest with failure or with giving up and notice that I don't feel of value unless I'm pushing myself to do my best 100% of the time. I know this pattern isn't healthy or sustainable and still, it is difficult to break. This Banksy piece comes to mind when I hit a wall of exhaustion as a reminder that all I need to do is make a little space to rest. I know that if I set aside the time to practice yoga, to meditate and to REST, that when I am working and giving to others, I will be more effective, more powerful and more at peace. So here's a gentle reminder to rest! I extend a specific invitation to spend more time resting at the end of your yoga practice. We are in a unique position to reap the deepest benefits of our practice with a longer shavasana शवासन in the comfort of our own homes. I have noticed that even if I fall into a deeply meditative space at the end of our virtual classes, I will often pull myself out of it to say goodbye to everyone in class and to say thank you to the teacher. This social connection is lovely and satisfying, but I invite you to let go of the need or any pressure to face your screen again at the end of practice and to instead, allow yourself to fall into a deep state of rest and meditation at the end of class. The physical asana practice was designed to prepare the body for meditation and a longer, deeper space for meditation at the end of a very physical practice is often missing from yoga classes across the nation. Now that we have brought our practice into our homes (and yards), we can enjoy it in any way that feels most nourishing. Allow yourself to feel unselfconscious and to explore your mind, body and spirit in new and wonderful ways. Allowing even just a few more minutes resting in 'corpse pose' before you pull yourself back into your physical body could lead to benefits beyond your belief. Shavasana (शवासन) is a powerful pose to practice the gracious acceptance of death and to allow our very alive body to rest.

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