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Updated: May 14, 2020

"The most inspirational moments usually show up in very unexpected ways. It’s at those times when I ask myself what have I been doing with my life, when an old student will come up randomly and tell me that something I once shared with them in a class changed their life forever. No matter how we feel or what we think, yoga teachers have a profound impact on the lives of their students." -Michael Suzerris

Seattle Yoga News is featuring Michael's 4pm Low and Slow Hatha class in their list of recommended live online classes today! If you haven't experienced Michael's unique style of Hatha Yoga, please give it a try. I took my first class with Michael 3 years ago and have learned so many ways to better care for my body and especially how to notice and care for areas and energetic layers that are not commonly accessed in traditional hatha or hatha flow classes. Through years of practice and self study, Michael has discovered methods to heal himself and loves sharing his techniques and practices with others so they can experience the same level of opening and release. Read more from Michael in his Seattle Yoga News Teacher Spotlight below and consider joining in to experience his unique style of yoga on Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings. Your body will thank you!

4-5:15pm Low and Slow Hatha Yoga with Michael: OmCulture Worldwide

Enjoy a well rounded gentle Hatha class that provides a full body unwind and release. Leave feeling stretched out, grounded, grateful and lighter in your physical body. Shake it out and stretch with Michael Suzerris. "As a younger man I was very active with gymnastics, martial arts and springboard diving.  At age 23 I had a severe diving accident landing on my head from a high distance, badly damaging my spine. I knew I had to take responsibility for my own healing or suffer the consequences for the rest of my life. In 1989, ten years into my rehabilitation I took a yoga class with Bob Smith at Hatha Yoga Center in the U District. By this time I had already developed a self-care routine that included deep stretches, so my first impression was that what I had figured out intuitively, was something very similar to a hatha yoga practice. It quickly became obvious that I had only begun to unwind the first of many layers of samskara locked within my body and so, yoga became a pathway for much deeper exploration. In 1998, I did my yoga teacher training with Bob and his partner Ki McGraw." ~Michael Suzerris

Michael's Yoga Teacher Spotlight Interview

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