Fresh self-care tools for your Tuesday!

Michelle Brewer shared a new spin on a gratitude practice in her class this morning. It's a simple and powerful exercise. When you can set aside a few moments to tune in and meditate, pause and ask yourself to recall one thing you are really happy you made time to enjoy the day before. Maybe you reached out and had a conversation with a friend or family member that left you feeling uplifted and more connected. Maybe you set aside time for self care in the form of a yoga class, a hot bath, a walk outdoors, or through a creative outlet like writing, making art or music, baking, cooking or gardening. I notice that the more I focus on self care, the more ease I find in my daily 'must do' tasks. It's also really important to honor the difficult days where self care is not as glamorous as a beautiful walk amongst the flowers on a spring day or time to bake a treat. Sometimes self care comes in the form of just making sure you are properly fed and hydrated while you juggle everything else on your full plate. David Gallina, a dancer in our community with a neuroscience background, hosted a workshop this past Sunday afternoon sharing simple tools to care for your nervous system. I learned so much and am excited to let you know that the recording of this workshop will soon be made available by donation. His priority is to help people during this challenging time and to support OmCulture by generously sharing 50% of donations collected for his offering. I'm so grateful for what he is sharing with our community and will let you know as soon as it's available. One concept David shared that made my tool box feel more well equipped is the practice of a micro restorative session. Consider the power of a small pause in between activities. Even a short break can be extremely rejuvenating. When you are in between tasks, and feel tempted to reach for caffeine or look at your phone or computer, even for a personal break to check instagram or facebook, consider closing your eyes instead and dropping in to observe the quality of your breath. Lay down for a 5 minute shavasana or gaze out the window for a few moments. Tune into your body and notice an area that's calling out for a little attention. Relax your face, relax your jaw, relax the space between your eyes, take a deep breath, one more tiny sip of air, and then let it all out with a sigh. This kind of a break can last for only 5 seconds and still serve to unwind your nervous system. Meditation doesn't have to last an hour to be beneficial. We can incorporate small moments of pause to find greater clarity and a more honest view of how much energy we have left to give in our day to help us better prioritize what's left on our to do list. These short pauses can also be an opportunity to name something you are grateful for in the present moment, or in the past so you can integrate more of what leaves you feeling nourished in your daily life.

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