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Enough is Enough: A message from FitGrid Founder and CEO Nt Etuk

Hello community,

With the rapid growth of the pandemic, we closed our physical yoga studio doors on March 14th. For three weeks, I managed our live online classes on my own, sending out zoom links to each student while also supporting students and teachers through the digital learning curve. Those 3 weeks exhausted me and I needed help managing our live streaming class links. That's when I turned to FitGrid.

FitGrid was founded by Nt Etuk in 2013 and has been rapidly evolving. Before the pandemic hit the US, FitGrid was sending roughly 150,000 emails a month with links to join fitness classes. They are now sending roughly 2 million emails a month! They have taken great strides to adapt and grow to meet the needs of online studios and I am grateful for their efforts.

As a thank you for the work they are doing to help us hold our community together online, I have given their team of 40 free access to our yoga classes. I am sharing these details as an introduction to a message from the founder and CEO of FitGrid. He shared this powerful message and request with me today and I feel compelled to pass it along to our community. Please watch his video below and click the link to sign his petition if you feel moved to do so.

with love, care and action,


A message from the founder & CEO of FitGrid.

Read more about the mission of FitGrid here.

I’m writing to appeal to you, my colleagues and fellow members of the global health and wellness community, to join a cause for change. Over the past weeks I have agonized over the state of a world in which a man, George Floyd, could essentially be strangled to death, openly, and in the name of the law.

I have wondered how I could help ease the pain, help unite us, and help us show each other that the silent majority of us think that where we are now, as a society and a world, is NOT okay.

I came up with the concept of a petition to ourselves (as citizens of the world). It’s a self-commitment. It asks us to raise our hand and be counted as one of the silent majority that are truly fed up with all the racism, sexism, intolerance, intimidation, and divisiveness that has been festering for a long time, and it challenges us to take that one minute to speak when we hear intolerance. It has already garnered over 12,500 signatures in the few days since launch, and my goal is 1 million. With your help, I believe we can do it.

I recognize that the fitness and wellness worlds have already been turned upside down by COVID-19 and many of us do not have the ability to be out on the front lines, yet many still want to help.

I welcome you to join this movement towards decency and to share this with your friends, families, colleagues in the industry, instructors/teachers, and clients if you so wish. We have one world, and we all have to live in it, so let’s come together and make sure it’s a place we want for ourselves and for our children.

The madness MUST stop.


Nt Etuk

Founder & CEO at FitGrid

Nt's video message + Sign the Petition

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