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Beltane Blessings!

"Joyful time of flowers, softening the world; the chains of winter are broken. Break your symbolic bindings by planting seeds. As these seeds unclench in the darkness, ask what choices you can make in response to the needs of this sacred moment. What is it that you value and how can you align your life with that? In simpler times, communities gathered to jump over fires in the fields and participate in the great round of fertilitiy. Listen to the voices of the universe saying YES---the sun shines, the birds sign, the flowers bloom. The purpose of the universe is to celebrate the delight of its existence. May that inspiration hot-wire us into the living voltage of the Mother. Renew your life with others. What we all long for is relationship with other beings; it's the only thing that cures this massive alienation. Lying on your back in the woods, see how the trees lift themselves in a circle. Reach out and extend your circle. Community, the geography of somewhere, is the We that balances the Me. Women know this, in the compass of our bones." Oak Chezar 2019

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