Becoming Supernatural: A book recommendation from Jacob Wilding

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

This book comes highly recommended by our Sunday morning yoga teacher, Jacob Wilding. We are in a unique position as we are forced to break out of our typical daily routines. We have an opportunity to turn off our auto-pilot behaviors and create a fresh path made of healthier decisions for our mind, body and spirit. Becoming Supernatural, a book by Joe Dispenza, offers a step by step journey to achieving your greatest potential in body, health, relationships and life purpose and invites you to make that journey at our own pace. Many of us are still wrapped up in long work days while juggling care for our family members, friends, neighbors and ourselves. If you don't have much time to rest and read, consider tuning into audiobooks and podcasts while you take a break to walk outdoors to keep you inspired and on a path that nourishes your highest self. Spending even 5 minutes a day listening to something that opens your mind to new ideas aimed at improving your life can go a long way. Make space, as much as you can, for all forms of self care including anything that inspires your unique spirit, your daily yoga practice, time in nature, time for nourishing meals, plenty of water, and as much quality sleep as you can enjoy. If you have time, reach out to someone who may not have the same powerful tools and healthy coping mechanisms in place that you do. Some of us are adapting well as we develop new routines in a new environment and are enjoying the silver linings that have come with these changes. For others, especially those who struggle with addiction, this time of isolation is depriving them of the routines and the support systems they are used to having in place to help them through their daily battles. This is a challenging time for all of us in very different ways and it's important to acknowledge all forms of suffering and to care for ourselves so we are better equipped to help ease the suffering of others.

Becoming Supernatural

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