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Playful Dance

Our Lighthearted Community Dance

1st Saturdays, starting at 7pm

Inspired by the innocence and childlike play infused in dance, we explore an unbroken and seamless musical journey for 3 hours. We adventure together traveling through a multitude of tempos and genres invoking PLAYFUL wonder.


7.00 -11:00pm

All welcome!

Adults - $10 
Teens (13 - 18) - $5
Kids (12 - Under) - FREE


Join our Facebook event for more information!

Your music guide is our PLAYFUL resident:

DJ Manoj was born from the dancefloor and will always be a dancer at heart. He arose as one of the pioneers in the west coast electronic dance culture both shaping and being shaped by this amazing adventure. Continually moved and changed by the power of music and the many transformational experiences he encounters while dancing and performing, he now dedicates his life to share with others the inspiration that he has received. Understanding and deeply rooted in the legacy of the original founding dj’s, that the power of these transformational rhythms are unleashed through the ability to take people on a potent journey, he uses contemporary technology and the various genres available to weave a limitless musical landscape.

Realizing every opportunity to share music is a gift, he does his best to stay open, meet the dancers where they are at and then take them to a more inspiring, lighter and playful space within themselves as the beats comes through.


Visit his Facebook for more information.


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