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Fundamentals of Rhythm & Timing

Fundamentals of Rhythm and Timing is a special 14 week music program for elementary school kids, developed and taught by renowned flamenco percussionist David Levin. This group will learn how to identify rhythms and play instruments in time with others, while having fun and building friendships. They will be recital-ready at the end of the 14 week session.


This class begins with call-and-response, a musical conversation, which encourages healthy listening and communication, and can be accomplished with just the voice, hand-clapping, or finger-snapping. Moving in time with instruments, students are invited to play shakers, djembes, bongos, bells, and other percussion instruments. While the excitement continues to build, the importance of listening becomes ever more present. Patterns can be communicated by voice, as well as by simple notation methods.


Amidst the excitement, drumming, and movement, there will be plenty of time for water breaks, stretching and check-in with the breath. This class utilizes multiple learning styles to include all children, and help them learn about music.



Music Class ONLY: 4.00 - 5.30pm
Kids arrive at 4pm; Music Class 4:15-5:15pm; Pickup at 5:30pm

Grades 1st - 6th


September 14 - December 21

*No after school program during Thanksgiving week (Nov. 23)*


2210 N Pacific St

Seattle, WA 98103


Phone: 206-829-9969

Quarter Pricing
This special music program is offered all 14 weeks of the fall quarter of our after school program. Pricing listed below is for the full 14 week quarter.




If you want to try the program before purchasing the full quarter, daily drop ins are available! These can be purchased online or at the studio. If you decide to purchase a full quarter after doing a drop in, we will deduct the drop in from the price of the quarter you purchase. *We reserve the right to not allow drop-ins if the class is full*


Enrollment is capped at 25 kids per day - register now to save your spot!


To make each day worthwhile for everyone involved (staff, parents and kids), we ask for a minimum of 8 kids per day to continue running that day for the full quarter.


If you do not think you can afford to pay the full quarter upfront, we are open to setting up payment plans or other options on a case-by-case basis. Please email us ( or talk to Michael Suzerris in person.

Purchasing Instructions

When you select the pricing option you want to purchase, you will be taken to the "Kids Programs" page of MindBody Online; follow these instructions to make a purchase and register for the program:

  1. Click "Sign Up Now!" on the "Music Fridays" workshop

  2. You will then be prompted to either sign in or make an account, which you must do in order to register

  3. After your account is made, choose to make the reservation for "myself" on the "Make a Reservation" screen, and click "Enroll" - all kids will be registered under a parent's name

  4. On the next page where it says "Which Series or Membership would you like?" choose the pricing option for the full quarter (full price first if you have more than 1 child)

  5. If you are done choosing your pricing options, click "Checkout" and continue to the next page and step 7

  6. If you want to purchase a sibling option, click "Continue Shopping" and repeat steps 1-5

  7. Enter your payment information, click "place order" and this completes your purchase

You will receive a confirmation email from us, along with a waiver and information packet, within 48 hours of your purchase. Please respond right away with what school your child attends and how they plan to get to/from the program.

What to expect from us

At OmCulture, we strive to create an open, welcoming community that makes everyone feel at hOMe. We have experienced staff, a safe and fun playspace, and affordable prices.


Enrollment is always open so your kids can have a fun place to go that you know you can trust, no matter what your schedule is like. If you cannot start during the first week of the quarter, we would be happy to pro-rate any of the pricing options to fit the number of weeks you are able to attend, starting at a later date. Just email us ( and let us know. Come spend your school year with us!


If your child attends John Stanford Elementary, we have a staff member that meets a group of after-schoolers on the K-1 playground at the school to walk them over to OmCulture when school gets out (at 2:25pm)

If your child attends McDonald Elementary, there is a school bus stop a half block from OmCulture. Have your kids take the school bus to Wallingford and we will ensure their safe arrival to our program!

*If you want your child to join either group, please email us ahead of time at*

We understand that not everyone's work schedule allows the flexibility to drive your child around to after school programs. We heavily encourage carpooling - either get your child's friends to attend the same days as you (and carpool with them), or let us know if you need carpooling and we can help get you in contact with other families coming from the same place. Email us at to find out more!

About the Teacher: David Levin

David Levin is a renowned flamenco percussionist and has performed in the Seattle area at the professional level for over fifteen years. David, the son of Marcos and Rubina of Carmona Flamenco, one of North America’s principal flamenco duos, brings a lifetime of performance experience and enthusiasm, while maintaining a multi-genre stylistic awareness. David’s principal instruments are the drum set and the cajón.

Amidst a vigorous performance schedule, he studied extensively with master drummer Brian Kirk (Pointer Sisters (Ain’t Misbehavin’ Tour), Dizzy Gillespie, and many others) from 2002-2004. During his studies with Professor Kirk, he solidified his jazz, Latin, and fusion playing while continuing to develop his passion for rock and flamenco. While at the University of Washington studying Spanish, he was involved in the UW jazz ensembles and studied with John Bishop. Some of David’s local performances include but are not limited to: McCall Hall Grand Opening Ceremony, Seattle International Children’s Festival, Folklife Festival, Kirkland Performance Center, Triple Door, Hempfest, and numerous engagements at Neumo’s, Nectar, The Tractor Tavern, The Crocodile, and The Columbia City Theater. 


During his time as an active performance professional, David has cultivated a yoga, breath, and movement practice. It is the cultivation of this practice that has allowed his energy, strength, flexibility, and timing to continue to improve alongside his drumming skills. The combination of these elements greatly interconnect and boost each other during practice and in daily life. Boost life skills with nutrition, exercise, and rhythm!




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