Join our community of front desk staff!

We are seeking highly motivated members of our community to work in our studios as Front Desk Staff in exchange for yoga classes. Karma Yogi participants are expected to demonstrate reliability, integrity, and accountability. A commitment of at least one shift per week (each shift consisting of between 1 and 3 classes) for a minimum of six months allows for free yoga during the period of your work trade. You can even enjoy a yoga class during your weekly shift!

To be eligible for the Karma Yogi Program you must:

  • Be dependable and punctual

  • Possess exceptional customer service skills (in person, on the telephone, and in email communications)

  • Exhibit strong administrative skills (organization, efficiency, communication, and excellent computer literacy)

Available Shifts
all shifts are at the Greenlake Studio

WEDNESDAY, 9.30-10.15AM

10am Yoga Class with Annette

THURSDAY, 5.15-6pm

5.45pm Yoga Class with Michal

FRIDAY, 4-4.45PM

4.30pm Yoga Class with Jodi

SUNDAY, 8.30-10.45AM

9am Yoga Class with Rachel & 10.30am Yoga Class with Jacob

*Please note: you need past experience with MBO and should be able to handle large groups of people to apply for any Saturday & Sunday positions - they are our busiest classes, and we need someone competent and reliable*



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