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OmCulture Wallingford

Drum Culture

Drum Culture is a weekly workshop of community expression facilitated through drumming, percussion and sound that focuses on connection, communication and collaboration. Drum Culture is not just a series of drum lessons nor is it simply a drum circle - it is a gathering where listening, playing, sharing, learning and communing intersect through the creation of sound. Using drums, percussion instruments, our bodies, the floors, just about anything really, we will learn various percussion techniques and create our own rhythm language - speaking it, listening to it, expanding it and sharing it. Threaded through each week’s workshop will be discussion and exploration of the many ways that drumming mirrors life at large - for example how creating space is necessary in both the making of sound and the living of life or how the benefits of creating dynamics in sound are the same as living a dynamic life.


Drum Culture is open to all ages and skill levels - from someone who has never picked up an instrument to more experienced players. Instruments are provided but you’re welcome to bring your own. Weekly participation is not necessary for participation. Questions can be directed to

Turtle Dance

Shimmy your shell, free your inner amphibian, and soar on the currents of your spirit and body! Each Flying Turtle Dance ventures far and wide across a musical landscape of diverse moods and genres. You'll begin with a facilitated opening that warms your being and our shared communal nest, and when the music is done, we'll gather for potluck snacks and Turtle family time!


Let's move -- within a playful, supportive space -- into our truths, into our shadows to shift them, through our patterns to our cores, and ascend our joys to unfurl our powers!


For more info or to get on our mailing list contact or

Acrobatic Fundamentals & Jam

Come learn the foundations of partner balancing and explore partner assisted inversions. Static poses will be linked with simple transitions while allowing participants to develop and improve balance, body awareness, strength, flexibility, and teamwork. Emphasis will be placed on communication, safety, and most of all, fun. Drop-ins welcome!


Stay after the class for an open jam - all levels welcome.

Cirque Melange

The studio is OPEN!!! For clowning around, object manipulation, acrobatics, contact jamming, acroyoga, aerial arts, dance, and most other things circus! The space has low slings, aerial silks, rings, and plenty of open space to fill with your bodies. (If you plan to use the aerial fabric or hammocks, please remember to wear clothing free of metals, zippers, buttons, etc; to remove jewelry like necklaces or rings; and to not apply any lotions or perfumes before using equipment.)

Synthesis Dance

Synthesis is newly emerging dance at OmCulture that combines the best of many dance traditions. Set to a two-hour wave of eclectic music offered by different guest DJs every week, Synthesis brings together the free-from aspect of ecstatic dance, the physicality of contact improv and the interactive spirit of partner dancing. We create a safe container in which to explore movement and connection as a group while maintaining the freedom to be and express ourselves. We look forward to dancing with you!

Dream Dance

DreamDance is community celebration and intention manifestation. Immersion in 'Dance Floor Living' as a model for the world we wish to see. Come bring your h'art, your Dreams, your friends. Please read below for full details. Starts at 6pm with a DreamCircle sound bath followed by yoga and live music. Our global website has launched and will be updated with more info and pictures and regional event info


This is a h'art centered, community building, reality shifting experiment. Dancing with focused intention, we open to our deepest truth and creative expression. Through movement and surrendering into light and sound, we unlock the wisdom and free the energies in our bodies. Connecting our hearts, we activate a potent Field. Holding our intention while we Dance, we put our Dreams into this collective radiance. With our heightened awareness, clear energy, and heartfelt focus, we dance our Dream into reality. We receive abundance of support, seen and unseen. Motivated by this energy, we take right action in our daily lives. Healing mind, body and spirit. Sending the Dream out, we Dance for personal and global transformation. The deeper we go, the brighter the Light, the brighter the Light, the stronger the Field. Let's shine this new Dream into reality.

Come Play!


Respect and Love abound in this drug and alcohol free event! All ages are welcome. Come as you are, and costumes encouraged. Feel free to bring something for the talent share after closing ceremony.

Please be considerate and honor the nonverbal dance floor experience many of us are cultivating in order to go deep into this field together. If you must have an actual conversation, please use the entry way. Quiet mindful connecting up close is agreeable in the squish and tea lounge area, and of course during the after hours. If you are standing around talking on the dance floor, someone may come up and gently remind you.


FamilyZone space available for kids to escape the high energy of the dance floor and fall asleep when it gets late. All parents must please help maintain quiet during yoga and meditation. Please bring snacks to share for the little ones.

OmFusion Dance

A dance that celebrates the dancer's connection with the earth, the music and their partner. We encourage dancers to explore movement in a wide veriety of disciplines and find their own unique way to combine those disciplines to express themselves fully and have deep and meaningful conversations without words.


We offer a lesson prior to the main dance each week from, and switches between technique-based and conceptual-based to grow a dancer's technique and creativity. We strive to bring a wide veriety of teachers and dance disciplines to expose our community to as many different dance forms as possible. Our dance then starts at 8:30pm.

OmFlow: Dance/Movement/Circus Arts Jam

Please join us every Wednesday evening for an open format dance, flow jam and social gathering that is welcoming to all forms of dance/movement, object manipulations, circus arts, yoga, etc. ~ We'll have aerial silks hanging up for use and we encourage you to bring performance props and flow toys that are suitable for the indoors.


This community-focused class, organized and run by owner, Michael Suzerris, will run from 6.15-7.30pm, have a different teacher and idea each week, and range in price between tier 1 and 2. Follow OmCulture's Facebook page for more information and to stay up-to-date on the details for each week's class. If you are interested in offering your skills or want to experiment teaching a new idea, contact Michael at for more information and to be added to the interested teacher list.

Aerial Hammocks

This class will use aerial hammocks to stretch and warm your body for Turtle Dance. We will smoothly transition from ground stretches and warmups to poses and movements in the air. Learn to navigate your body through 3D space and fly free!

OmUnity: Yoga & Dance

OmCulture is pleased to offer, for the first time, a community driven, Sunday morning opportunity to gather, commune, stretch and dance. OmCulture has become known for creating a safe, clean and beautiful space for our collective dance and movement communities to connect and express.

On the first Sunday of each month we will have different DJs from our community provide a playlist. Once firmly established we hope to also bring in guest musicians to provide live music. We will start with a yoga-based 45 minute pre-dance stretch, also hosted by instructors in our community. This will be followed by 2 hours of music.

Aerial Silks

In this extended length mixed slings and aerial silks class, you will learn the basics of aerial acrobatics on hammock silks and transition into advanced climbs, poses and drops on the 22ft high straight silks as your skills progress. This class is intended for students with intermediate level experience and it will prepare you for performances in the air.

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