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We are offering 8 weeks of circus arts summer camp, from June 26 - Sept. 1. Sign up early to save money and ensure your spot! Enrollment is limited to 20 kids per day, so reserve your spot today! Join us for a summer of fun, free play and friendship.

*Aug. 28 - Sept. 1 camp is FULL*

*Aug. 28 - Sept. 1 camp is FULL*

Camp Facilitator Tribe

My name is Ben Barker. After many months exploring Mesoamerica I found myself packing up from Colorado, Seattle bound, and finally, in Wallingford.

As a kid, I loved the hands on opportunity to learn about science and nature summer camps provided. As an adult, I went to school for forestry and restoration ecology where I found a passion for permaculture and wild edible and medicinal plants.  

I am stoked to get youth involved in gardening, food forests, botany and wild eating! We'll explore the natural world with our senses while learning safe and sustainable practices. We'll close the loop with worms, bacteria and fungi while learning about composting and recycling.

If you're lucky you might catch me practicing my hidden talent of latte art.

BEN Barker

My name is Karina Brossmann and I am a theatrical enthusiast. I was born and raised in Ballard and now live in the sweet

neighborhood of

Madrona over by

Capitol Hill. I have

been participating

in some form of

dance, theater or

singing my whole

life and don't

plan to stop

anytime soon.

I believe theater,

dance and singing

are all human rights and that we all deserve to be actively participating in them whenever we want, no matter how "talented" society thinks we are. One of my favorite things to do is to create original work with a group of young people. Young artists are the most fun because they are usually less afraid of failing, more creatively crazy and weird and also willing to put in the extra energy to make it all happen. I am totally stoked for the last week of summer camp that I will be doing a musical theatre theme for. I think we are all going to have a blast and totally blow the parents away with what we create together! Make sure to sign up for this last week, it will not want to be missed.  

KARINA Brossmann

ABBY Bradetich

My name is Abby Bradetich and I recently relocated from Texas to Washington last fall. I now live in Mountlake Terrace, and I cannot wait for the summer camp at OmCulture this year! My mom was a preschool teacher and I spent most of my younger years helping out at her school, babysitting, and playing with

kids. I have been

away from the kid-

world for a while

now (except for

playing with my

niece and nephew

a couple times a

year!), and I cannot

wait to dive back in!

Kids are so creative,

imaginative, and

just generally fun

to be around, and I

am really looking

forward to helping

out at the camp in any way I can.


I graduated from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, TX last spring with a BFA in Modern Dance and a minor in nutrition. I moved to Seattle to pursue a professional dance career, and happened upon Yogalife by chance. I am now very lucky to say that on top of dancing, I am also a studio administrator and graphic/web designer for Yogalife and OmCulture. The communities of these two places are so welcoming, and I am very grateful to be a part of them. As a camp facilitator I aim to bring this sense of community and welcoming energy into each day so every child attending our camp will be able to enjoy it as fully as possible. One thing most people don't know about me is that I have a twin sister and I love cats! (I have 2 cats and a puppy here in Washington with me). 

My name is Michelle Detrick and I live in the University District in Seattle. I am excited for the summer camp because I love kids, and think all of the activities are going to be really fun and uplifting. I have been working at Yogalife for the past year, as well as Trader Joe's. I am grateful my work has allowed me to become more involved in yoga and this wonderful community of people. I have a bachelor's degree in Social Work and look forward to expand on this education with more healing light work, and maybe even become a yoga instructor. As a facilitator, I would like to focus more on creative play, music, art, and introducing sign language to the song circle. One thing most people don't know about me is that I love music and to sing.


My name is Michael Suzerris. I'm the founder of OmCulture as well as Yogalife studios in Queen Anne and Greenlake. I have dedicated my past 20 years to the cultivation of community and personal transformation through the practice of yoga and creative physical expression. For

the past seven

years I have

been building a

dream space in



OmCulture. With

OmCulture we

have expanded

our community

building to

include children

and young

adults through

our OmTots program as well as a great variety of other physically based activities that go well beyond yoga.

Our summer camp this year will be a precursor to a new hOMe School program which will launch this fall. As a camp facilitator, I bring my extensive history in the practices of gymnastics, yoga, martial arts, acrobatics, music, singing, drumming and many other forms of creative play. As a father of four kids ranging in ages from 9 to 35, I can proudly say that I have some real life experience in raising happy, healthy kids!


At our camp we provide a curriculum rich environment that focuses on child-centered decision making. In other words, we provide lots of great content, but engage the kids in both creating the flow of activities as well as designing the outcome. At the end of every week, our kids will put on a performance for parents and friends based on what they have learned and practiced during the week. This will be the camp that your kids talk about for the rest of the summer! For that matter, it is open enrollment all summer, so they don't have to just talk about it -- they can attend as often as they like!


We look forward to engaging with your kids this summer! Give them an experience that will last a lifetime!

MICHAEL Suzerris

My name is Mischa Estrada. I live in the Wallingford / Eastlake area and I'm so excited about this year's Om for the Summer Creative Play Camp. I feel children are such an important part of our society. They remind us to play more, even when we are working. From play, I believe our

                                                                             creativity flows

                                                                             just like a river

                                                                             and to explore

                                                                             life from a

                                                                             creative space

                                                                             I feel is golden!


                                                                             I have a

                                                                             Bachelors of

                                                                             Science in


                                                                             and am a fine

                                                                             Artist, Jewelry

                                                                             Designer, Yoga

                                                                             Instructor and mother of a 17 year-old boy named, Mason. I love music of all genres, people from all nations, and have traveled the world extensively and came to one realization. We are all the same. All we need is love.


My focus as one of the camp facilitators will be to bring the artistic element to our weekly program. I will also be leading a theme week titled "Creating a collective mandala: elements found in nature." My goal is to help children explore their creativity while they connect with nature and each other.


One thing most people don't know about me is I always have a kite in my trunk! 

MISCHA Estrada

My name is Regan Powers, and I'm currently calling Greenwood home. I recently moved up to Seattle from Puyallup to attend school at Bastyr University and earn my bachelors in Exercise Science and Wellness. Most of my work experience lies in front desk management, and I've been loving the exposure to dance, play, and energy that comes along with doing that at OmCulture.


I'm so excited to work with children again this summer! My mom owned a preschool, so all through junior high and high school I spent summers working with the kids in her summer camps. While my role there was normally "fairy princess" or "face painter," this summer time I get to be the flow chief, and bring in elements of flow toys and dancing. Something most people don't know about me is in my down time I love to practice dancing with fire fans!

REGAN Powers

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