Body work

with Michael Suzerris

Michael offers a unique form of therapeutic yoga, bodywork and tension release. Based on the principles of yoga, Michael will take you through a series of passive movements, stretches and muscular release. Ideal for those suffering from chronic tension especially shoulders, low back and hips.

"Michael is an extraordinary healer; blending skill and intuition as a remarkable healer and guide. I began working with Michael at a time in my life when my body was debilitated from an autoimmune issue that had depleted my physical resources to the point where it was hard for me to practice basic yoga or even walk my dogs on some days. Through bodywork and yoga therapy, as well as kindness and compassion, Michael helped me regain the ability to practice meaningful yoga, walk my dogs for miles and even take a dance class. Michael’s work gave me back a quality of life I thought was forever lost to me; I will forever be grateful to him."   


-Debra Williams

Michael Suzerris

Michael Suzerris is the founder of OmCulture (including the Greenlake and Queen Anne studios formerly called Yogalife). He has dedicated the past 20 years to the cultivation of community and personal transformation through the practice of yoga and creative physical expression.

He first founded the two yoga studios with the intention of creating a place for healing and transformation through yoga. He recognized the amazing potential of yoga as a path for healing after experiencing a life-altering spinal injury in 1978. He spent many years recovering and rehabilitating on his own. In those years Michael cultivated a therapeutic physical and mental practice through an intuitive process that was, in its essence, yoga.


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"I just got back from a snowshoe trip at Mt. Bachelor in Eastern Oregon. On Tuesday we climbed 1,000 feet on hard, crusted snow.  It wasn’t easy, but I did it.  At age 74, I was the third oldest of the fourteen participants.  Why am I telling you this? Easy.  I couldn’t think of climbing mountains years ago, I couldn’t think of walking miles, I couldn’t think of having a normal, functioning body.

I started taking yoga classes with Michael about ten years ago. During class, he would come over to me often, with almost every pose, and reposition me. My body was resistant and didn’t move easily. Michael talked during class about learning how to release energy. Then about eight years ago, after several episodes of having my legs buckle when walking, I started private sessions with Michael. After the Wednesday yoga class, he would work with me, stretching my arms, stretching my legs, having me hang over his back.

We worked on balance, did deep stretches and strength building on the floor. We began to have bodywork sessions – deep muscular release. Michael has an intuitive feel for what needs to be worked on.  Over the years I gradually became more flexible and much stronger. My legs filled out and when I sit cross-leg, my knees almost touch the ground instead of touching each other like they used to. Most recently he helped me with a partially torn rotator cuff that needed attention. These days I take up to six yoga classes a week and have never felt better.

What is it about Michael? He’s patient, kind, not judgmental.  He understands vibration, energy, how to open up the trapped energy.  He sees me.  He’s taught me not to judge myself based on what someone else can do. I’ve learned that my body is my own, and the progress I make with my body is my own. Michael has taught me to trust myself and my body."    -Hadiyah Carlyle

"I have had the great good fortune to have worked with Michael Suzerris for the last six years. This work has made a remarkable difference in my life, not least in preparing me for hip replacement and the subsequent rehabilitation. His teaching always takes my current situation into account without judgement and creatively explores movements that can help release limitations. His emphasis on breath is particularly helpful, and his skill as a teacher is deep. His patience and intuition are remarkable. His work flowers best when I take it home and am diligent with it."   

-Mansur Rodney Kreps

"I’m a former professional tennis player from New Zealand. I had a bright and promising career that came to a sudden to stop due to back injuries that would not heal. I stopped playing tennis and started working very long hours remodeling houses. My pain got worse and worse until I was in pain every minute of every day for about eight years. I lost significant range of motion, was always tired, couldn’t get in and out of a car well and found it excruciating to get up from a couch or roll over in bed. Obviously this pain and tightness affected my whole life.


I saw doctors, specialists, surgeons and even Chinese herbalists. I tried all sorts of pills to ease the pain but nothing worked for very long. The doctors always said there is nothing you can do and the best you can hope for is to the manage the pain. I never totally believed that.


I relocated to Seattle June 2014 and found Michael online and went to see him. The first day he said to me, ‘My goal is to have you not needing to see me anymore’. He was positive and thought he could teach me how to feel better, have no pain, regain my flexibility and have more energy.


I started seeing Michael twice a week for about six months. I could barely do anything without excruciating pain when we started but after a few weeks of working with him I began making progress. My posture improved immediately and the body work we did helped release a lot of tension and pain that had built up. He seems to know my body better than I did and week by week I got better and could handle the bodywork without being in pain. Within a few months I was able to take yoga classes which were impossible when I started treatment. I now go to several yoga classes a week and do daily stretches at home.


Eight months later I feel the best I’ve felt in ten years. I feel stronger, have regained most of my mobility, and have greatly improved my posture. I have almost no pain and no longer take eight pain killers a day. I recently went on a four hour elephant trek in Thailand and had no pain. I took four 12 hours flights and had no pain. I would never have thought that was possible eight months ago.

My family and friends say I look like a different person and that’s how I feel. Michael helped me out of pain and helped me change my life and I can never go back. I absolutely recommend Michael to anyone who wants to feel great whether you have physical problems or not."    -Lee Radovanovic